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Welcome to my blog. Here some informaiton of obd2tool productions will be offered. If you have any interest,you can visit our official website and place an order

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Three steps to add Mitsubishi Pajero new key by SKP900
Customer real experience with GM Tech 2 Scanner (Review)
Cat Electronic Technician allows you to
03.2018 Xentry Acronis Image Download Free
SuperOBD SKP-900 Menu Introduction

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Three steps to add Mitsubishi Pajero new key by SKP900

This blog is going to tell you SKP-900 key programmer can add new key for Mitsubishi Pajero in just one minute! It’s amazing and please read down below steps.

Step1. Start SKP-900 SKP900 then choose “Immobilizer”→ “Mitsubishi”



Step2. Choose “System Type” and “Type 1” and “IMMO System”. Next is to turn on the ignition.


Step3. Choose “Key Adapt” and input the authorize code.

9-5 9-6

It will show “Key Program Success”. Press YES button and insert the new key in 5 seconds then turn ignition on.

9-7 9-1

And Auto Key Programming SuperOBD SKP900 now make new key for Mitsubishi Pajero successfully in 1 minute!

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Publié à 07:35, le 16/05/2018,
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Customer real experience with GM Tech 2 Scanner (Review)


Here is the my real experience on gm tech 2 Scanner from

Bought the highest quality version as i didn’t want to risk any issues with the device, and it all works fine and i do not regret my purchase.

It arrived pretty fast, but i got a £17 customs charge which i didn’t realise i’d get.

First impression: the carry case is not the one shown in the photo’s, which is annoying as the one in the photo’s looks really good, With the cables and candi module stored underneath 2 flaps, the main unit and adaptors clipping in the top of the case etc.

What i got was a basic plastic case (with sharp metal catches) where everything is squashed in on one level in foam, it does the job i guess, but i’d really have prefered the better case i thought i was paying the extra £30 for.

I’d bought a genuine Ugreen rs232 to usb cable in advance, £10 off amazon, this is one of the few cables listed as working with the tech2, and it did, connects at highest speed with no issues at all.

The house power supply has an american plug on it (psu has a universal voltage of 100 to 250 volts)
i got worried when the tech ii scanner wouldn’t even turn on, then i noticed the plug had slightly pulled out of the adaptor i had to use, something we are not used to in england as our plugs fit the sockets very securely and are hard to accidentally pull out, so changing the plug is one of the first things to do…
The house psu runs pretty warm btw.

I did all the self tests and it passed them all with flying colours (except the usual HBCC test that gets ignored (used on some ford vehicles i believe) and the RS485 that has no loopback adaptor so will always fail)

I took it out to my car (a 2011 vauxhall meriva B) and plugged it in, it connected straight away and i asked it to give me a list of DTC’s, i had been using an op-com before i got the Tech2 and the tech2 listed some old DTC’s the op-com had never picked up, I cleared the DTC’s, then tried the rest of the diagnostics available, i had no problems so far, i was able to move engine actuators (op-com can’t do that on the meriva B) operate things remotely, saw the DPF was at 108% full, so went for a little drive and the tech2 showed the DPF regen in progress, got an exhaust temp of 650 degrees C during it)

However that test drive showed up the universal weakness of the clone tech2’s, the internal power supply cuts out when you start the engine so the tech2 re-boots, this means there are a few diagnostic tests you can never do that involve starting the engine whilst the tech2 monitors things (unless you use external power to the tech2, which is advised against in all service manuals)

There is a solution, replace the internal power supply module with a better quality unit!!

There is also a highly recommended modification of removing the RS232 chip and putting a usb module in it’s place so you have a direct USB connection to the tech2, rather than the 4 connections that are just begging to be caught and pulled apart whilst uploading software to the car.
These mods are on the tech2 wiki (google it)

I then tried to SPS to my car to add a new IPC… one of the reasons i bought the Tech2.

That’s when discovered my car is not in the list of cars you use the tech2 to service program directly (the: connect tech2 to car, download data, take tech2 to computer, upload data, download software update, take tech2 back to car and upload the software method)

But i figured i could SPS using the tech2 in the J2534 pass thru mode… only my computer couldn’t connect to the tech2 in that mode… remote view of the unit worked but not SPS… i figured the issue out tho…
The rs232 to usb adapter had been assigned to com port 7 when i plugged it in, i changed the com port to COM1
~windows / computer / device manager / ports (COM & LPT) and find the relevant port your rs232 adapter is on (it wont be listed as ‘Tech2’) and change it to port 1~

Now SPS in pass thru mode works perfectly, i updated the software in a few of the modules (i use GlobalTis 32b, the last offline version with full SPS capability, was released in 2012 i believe, and it had newer software than my 2011 car had in it)

Then i did an update of the BCM and IPC to allow the rain sensor i’d just wired in to be seen by the systems, I tried to add a new immobilizer key, but it refused the accept the new key, most likely the key is at fault.. as part of learning new keys is to delete the old ones from the system, and the tech2 added them back no problem.

I’ve also used the tech2 to connect to ford vehicles using some software called ‘ForScan’ it has the Tech2 listed as a J2534 pass thru devise and works fine with it, The pcmcia card that came with the Tech2 allowed it’s self to be re-written (some people buying from other places find the card is locked and can’t be re-written)
i used GlobalTis’s card writer feature, it takes 40 minutes to write the card, but it works fine.

I’m very pleased with my Tech2 so far, the only thing that would make it perfect would be the carry case that’s shown in the photo’s, but that dosent affect how the actual devise works.

I’d recommend anyone buy their gm tech 2 scan tool from this shop, and i have pointed a few people who were interested in buying one here.


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Publié à 16:01, le 23/04/2018,
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Cat Electronic Technician allows you to

Cat Electronic Technician is a software-based service tool which provides service technicians the ability to communicate and work with the electronic controls on Cat products.


Cat Electronic Technician allows you to

1.Display status parameters
2.View active diagnostic codes
3.View and clear logged diagnostic codes
4.Manipulate ECM configuration
5.Record machine information over a period of time
6.Run diagnostic tests and calibrations
7.Retrieve machine totals

Heavy Duty Scanner Cat Electronic Technician (ET) license requires annual renewal. A communications adapter is required to connect a computer to the equipment or engine. We cannot sell or license ET outside Virginia or Southern West Virginia.


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Publié à 21:05, le 25/03/2018,
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03.2018 Xentry Acronis Image Download Free

Free download 03.2018 stardiagnosis Xentry Acronis Image with 01.2018 WIS and EPC incl. Pricelist 70.1.

Acronis True Image 2017!Yl5ChB4b!szCDrCHrIG7Ac3fAWOYa_qbMT33cNRJJpWSCRMVIziI

Xentry 03.2018!l0ZFEAJB!cmVmWQPDz_1o7s03LwFY8I907MKoukkU_pi1kHx6G1M

this is a Windows 7X64 Enterprise installation in german language

Image size is about 140GB

Mercedes benz star diagnostic tool 03.2018 already with patch (old keyloader,blacklist and 2221×45 error fix all from DieTRih many thanks)

installed is WIS and EPC 01.2018 included Pricelist 70.1 in german

without starfinder and other programs you will find here in forum.

(because of image size took me almost 2 days for upload)

carkey is installed to set new key….

Xentry WIS EPC are Multilanguage you can change in whatever you want.(only what is included there)

Windows is in native german you can download your own language package from Microsoft…and installed it.

Image was created on Dell 6430 I5 8GB RAM

many people no have time or possibilities to install it by there own

so maybe this will help…

Big thanks to the contributor from


You’d better have XDOS 03.2018 for Mercedes diagnostic and programming from auto sky.

Anyway, good luck!

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Publié à 09:13, le 19/03/2018,
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SuperOBD SKP-900 Menu Introduction


Menu has 7 options as follows:
It let you program auto transponder keys, auto smart keys and auto remote keys for European cars, American cars and Chinese cars.

It can allow you to read and change mileage data.

It works with various adapters to identify chips.

In certain condition, it can help you match keys and remotes manually.

The tokens for SKP-900 Key Programmer are limited. If you use up, you need to contact your dealer to add your tokens by free.

It can provide you with hardware Info and SN of your OBD2 Programmer.

It can help you update software online if possible.

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Publié à 12:27, le 8/03/2018,
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